ndreas was born in 1964 in a small town in the west of Germany. From youth onwards he has been interested in art. At school,he was also a committed sportsman, excelling in swimming and basketball. Afterpassing his A-levels in 1985, Andreas dedicated two years to social work. Afterthat time he was drawn between studying aeronautical engineering or becoming aphotographer, but in the end decided to concentrate on photography. While waiting for  a university place to study photo design he made his first work experience as assistant photographer, working for different photographers to gain as much practice as possible.

From 1993 to 1996 he shared a studio with a fellow photographer. During that period he was still earning his living by working part-time in cafes and restaurants.

With the opening of his first own studio in 1997 Andreas had his breakthrough as professional photographer. While at first concentrating on industry photography, Andreas has by now expanded his scope to fashion and people shots. The permanently growing experience offered him the opportunity to focus more and more on fashion photography. 

Apart from his studio work ,Andreas particularly enjoys the international flair of  professional photography. His various jobs have taken him not only all over Europe, but also to the United States, Canada and South Africa and the Maledives.

Now, he has 3 perfect children and a cool location in MG.

Still finding jimmy -our new lovely dog.